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Home Rental

Whether you’re looking to find homes, apartments, independent floors, farmhouses, or other properties to rent or you want to fill your vacant property quickly and easily you’ve come to the right place.We assist you in negotiating the best deals on the best rates available at the market, making Cruzo Real Estate the place for renters and property owners and managers to connect Planning to Move to South Delhi ? Let Cruzo Real Estate be your one stop destination to help you find the perfect home in South Delhi. “Our Home Rental Division maintains a dynamic and reliable database of properties in South Delhi.
We assist you in negotiating the best deals on the best rates available in the South Delhi Areas and also provide completion of all related protocols.”Our Lease Division advises you to take cognizance of the following to enable us to assist you better…....Tenants always have their budgets, required size of accommodation and location preferences.We always prefer to get clarifications on all aspects before commencing activity on any query expressed by a client. Tenants generally have a tendency to always state a lower budget than the actual to the agent.
Without the clients realizing it, this prevents us from identifying the actual locations that may be suitable for the client. In view of this possibility, we strongly reiterate the need to state the actual rental budget to our clients since any downward negotiation in rentals is our first consideration anyways. A few tenants inquire about a list of the potential rental addresses before a physical visit…As you know, intensive and continuous efforts are involved in generating a list of properties appropriate for your rental requirements. Once released, it has in the past resulted in unsolicited calls to the property owners as well as Cruzo Real Estate thereby resulting in unnecessary breach of secrecy issues. If you do have a list of properties that you may have visited already, please do intimate us of the same beforehand to avoid duplication.
Like Tenants, Land Lords also have their own criteria towards renting out property! These include minimum rents, mode and periodicity of payments. Sometimes certain other restrictive criteria may also apply.Lets face it…. The landlord is also a member of our team!! Most owners have been in the practice of renting out their properties over a considerable period of time. As a result, they have a fairly good assessment of the rental value of their property. In our experience, unscrupulous agents will promise you the moon when it comes to rent reduction and deliver absolutely nothing!! This results in extended transaction time as well as the possibility of actually losing out on your dream house…At Cruzo Real Estate, we believe in creating a winning team for both the players! Expect fair negotiations and reasonable concessions with us…. for a change, we are very happy NOT to promise you the which is not possible.

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